Lyndsay's project 'Women, Midwifery and Obstetrics' since 2019, has been an ongoing exercise to probe the agitations between subjective and scientific knowledge in the context of female healthcare in Scotland through the medium of filmmaking. 

Working with patients and midwives alike, Lyndsay explored the experiences women shared of working and being cared for in a women-centered institutional environment. Through workshops and personal interactions Lynsday superimposed contemporary experiences of pregnancy and midwifery against those found in history binding the two to discuss twenty-first century healthcare practices in the context of the collective experience distilled through museum and archive. 

Lyndsay touches upon a fundamental point, of communication and the authoritative voice in organisations where women are leading the change for equality in the workplace. To magnify these voices, Lyndsay has adapted her project in response to the coronavirus pandemic; recording conversations with women midwives and obstetricians who have personal experiences of childbirth and are working  in maternal healthcare in the current climate. These conversations will emerge and evolve into the making of a new artist's film and further collaborations across medical disciplines at the University of Edinburgh. 

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