This week has been positively unproductive. I find myself in a cyclical process of drawing, erasing and drawing again only to scrunch up my face and put my sketchbook away. I have spent much of the week chipping away at my dissertation as it feels like the most worthwhile commitment I make to my practice at the moment. Writing this has reminded me how much I enjoy researching and reporting on my findings, developing a creative narrative and getting lost in the ebb and flow of reading and writing. 

In what little progress I have made with my practice this week I have been developing Photoshop images to create fabric samples that will become part of a garment. I have been talking about making said garment since around Week 3 and I just need to knuckle down, get my materials together and get sewing! That is next week's project and I will hold myself accountable for it. In my head I have grand ambitions to create beautiful woven structures in wood that would be bound to the fabric of the garment. However, with limited access to workshop facilities this is just not possible to create in present circumstances. Finding a way around this I have come to think of my drawings as outcomes in themselves and not only preliminary works for final outcomes. With pencil and paper I can create elaborate structures and awe-inspiring garments and allude to the potential of these garments as becoming physical items. There, that's the word: 'potentiality'. My work will hold a degree of potentiality, waiting in the stalls to be charged with life and evolve from two-dimensional sketch to a tactile structure. 

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