Happy Science

Thomas Yeomans: Sanction the Outbreak

Friday 13th November 2020

Following a period of ill health, Yeoman's looked to the sky in search of a sense of sanity when the world around him closed in and became locked down. Interpreting the shapes and shadows of planets and constellations in the night's sky Yeomans produced a series of paintings that describe a sense of balance between the world our two feet find themselves on and the world we look up to.  The. colours assigned to the compositions are made from just three pigments mixed into secondary and tertiary permutations. They manifest as flattened forms and surface bound logos, shifting at times into perspectival illusions of space. These paintings are borne of quiet meditation through which Yeomans finds peace and serenity. Made with pencils, rules and compasses not with software, websites and render farms the works serve to remind us of the purity of natural forms within the chaotic and so often paranoid world we live in today. 

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