Friday 13th November 

Stuart Bennett: Constructed Situations

Notes from a talk...


- Reference to Hennessy Youngman: Art Thoughtz video

- Tino Seghal's work as shaping the experience of visitors, commitment to an ecological politics of production, pieces are staged and executed by trained individuals or 'interpreters' in his terms 

- Seghal's work not documented in any way, existing only in critical reviews 

- Tom Friedman's 1000 Hours of Staring seen at first as a conceptual art hoax

- Ceal Floyer's Umbrella seen as a simple reversal of function, characteristic shape has been transformed into a receptacle, work looks like a sculpture but has never been seen as one, it is a photographic image part of a series of six 

- Ceal Floyer's Monochrome Till Receipt, when exhibited work is attached to a bare wall and part of a series of receipts exhibited together 


- Tania Bruguera's 10,143,075- response to crisis in migration, a focus on the status of the neighbour and the means to act locally, visitors invited to take part in symbolic actions in the Tate's Turbine Hall, works title is based on the number of migrants moving last year added to the number of deaths of migrants this year, changing numeric title is stamped directly on to participants hands 

- Janine Antoni's Crowned- site transferable installation, plaster moulding with plastic pelvic bones, the gesture frames the room, title reinforces the relationship between the body and its dwelling, reflects how the body would in turn exist in the space itself 

- Mel Bochner's Measurement Room- measures features of the room, measurements serve to make the viewers aware of their surroundings, construct is that we are engaged and somehow part of the work itself, focus on making work about the abstract systems that govern the physical world, measurement reveals an essential nothingness 

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