Studio International interview with Sara Barker 22 /01 / 2021

Sara describes her work as line and form connecting to have an emotional resonance. 

Tackles sculpture from the position of painting and vice versa, confidence is dealing with objects. 

With objects you are inserting the viewer in the work, incorporating the viewer in the work. 

Sculpture is the activity of the object, rather than something being experienced from the outside, tie, bind, glue and braise two things together you are asking all the time "is this sculpture? Can I see behind it?" 

Relevant process is the making of a first draft or the sketch out of rough materials like cardboard or plywood seen as the 'container' for the process of collecting and sketching. An environment emerges from this for painterly expression and one that can be intuitive and personal, a first version roughly bound by metal material as the second interaction with the object. 

Whilst works aren't always site specific you can't avoid thinking about the environment in which the works exist. 

Works made for Cample Line executed during the first lockdown, a consideration that these structures have a need or requirement to fit more into the artist's life and in to the pockets of time available for studio practice. The idea of the 'time piece' came into the work. The notional idea of what a studio means to the artist has changed though the space to look at work has retained its importance relating works in progress to resolved outcomes. 

Experiencing the work, tension is present and felt more by others rather than the artist. 

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