Notes from Marie Harnett's talk: 

Represented by Cristea Roberts Gallery in London for 11 years 

- Practice revolves around small pencil drawings of film stills 

- Current research looks at memory, deja-vu 

- Use of film without boredom since a student

- Only ever watches trailers in grayscale and without sound, films are a resource rather than an illustration 

- 200-300 stills captured per film then edited down to a series of 50 final selections 

- Small scale of work decided in response to the scale of comic books discovered during time at Edinburgh

- Drawings are all pencil on paper and can take one to two weeks to complete 

- Realisation at ECA that drawings could become 'finished products' like paintings and weren't only preliminary exercises

- Works have always seen as being a celebration of film and a vehicle for memory 

- Current work explores the image as a whole rather than the centrepiece of the figure 

- Completed two residencies both in America, in New York and in Connecticut

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