Gene Moore was an American designer and window dresser. Moore joined Tiffany & Co in 1955 as its Artistic Director and Vice President. Working at Tiffany's, Moore designed approximately 5,000 windows. He was also noted for using concepts or actual works of modern art in his windows, including those of Robert Rauschenberg, Alexander Ney and Jasper Johns. 

Moore found inspiration everywhere, from Euclidean geometry to spaghetti noodles-and he developed a cerebral, humorous style that brought world reknown to Tiffany's. "People ask me if I ever run out of ideas," he once said. "I don't run out of them; I run after them."

The window, when photographed, take the form of surrealist compositions and bring new meaning to the application of modern art with consumer goods, striking a careful balance between creativity and commerce.  

In relation to my own practice, Moore's creations have encouraged me to consider the ways in which I can present my garments as articles of history or as evidence rather than as a retail product. 

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