Camden Art Centre’s exhibition ‘The Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism and The Cosmic Tree’ confirms the role of art as as a mediator between cultures and natural ecosystems to identify an intelligence within the natural world.

Weaving the principles of micro- and macro-cosmos, sacred and fractal geometries and the visions inducted by mind-manifesting plant medicines the exhibition suggests and interconnectedness between the sacred and the secular. With the works of indigenous communities set alongside contemporary printmaking and surrealist artworks the show looks back to the heritage of a contemporary European worldview shaped by ancestral wisdom traditions and theories of scientific evolution.

Works are hung orderly throughout the exhibition space with in places, texts propped open on lecterns suggesting the shared vision of painting and printed letter as a means to communicate the significance of human and natural ecologies. Works in paint, textiles, and sound present varying degrees of spiritual and abstract interpretations of plant forms and sacred narratives each attuned to the colours and and patterns that concentrate the natural world.

With a presence online the exhibition extends to digital commissions, podcasts, films and images that expand through an archive actively updated over the period of the exhibition sharing chapters of the show’s evolution and opportunities to engage with a body of research and a worldview perspective on the evolution of humans and our relationship to nature’s ecology.

Sounds, essays, studies in textiles and expressions in paint encourage me to consider the potential to translate my subject matter through collections: objects and two dimensional works rendered to respond to a single motivation. In the case of my own work to mediate upon the relationships between art, science and the body.

Across the show cultures from across the globe come together in a single space as if talismans- colourful and plentiful in organic patterns-suggesting a prosperity for the future of the planet.

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